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New Life for the Prince After Bankruptcy!

As I previously reported, the Prince Music Theater was on the verge of collapse in January after its major benefactor died last year. At that point, things looked grim for the Prince, my former Chapter 11 bankruptcy client. I’m very happy to report that the Philadelphia Film Society, with generous help from the Wyncote Foundation,…

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Goodnight, Sweet Prince

The news of the Prince Music Theater’s closing hit me pretty close to home. Although the Prince had been floundering for years, it’s still a sad day for the arts in Philadelphia. In late 2010, after years of staving off creditors, the Prince filed Chapter 11. With guidance and counsel from Slepner Law, the Prince…

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Hire a Lawyer or Pay Later

Many people believe that lawyers nowadays are a luxury rather than a necessity. Some believe that they can’t afford to hire counsel or that the matter is small enough that they can handle it themselves. But to use the old cliche, don’t bite off your nose to spite your face. A classic example of what…

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Defamation. The plaintiff keeps using that word. I do not think it means what he thinks it means. Also, perhaps next time a Yankees fan should hire a lawyer who can form coherent sentences in English.

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