Epic Win!

July 23, 2013

Today the Honorable Ellen Ceisler of the Court of Common Pleas found in favor of the appellants in Lewis, et al. v. Zoning Board of Adjustment, et al., stating that there was no hardship and thus no reason for the variances to be granted.

The developers in question in this case had sought variances to completely demolish two historic yet dilapidated (but salvageable) marble bank buildings at the corner of Front and Norris Streets in East Kensington.  The developers sought to cram in a large, dense, multi-unit housing project for impoverished women and children directly under the El.  Furthermore, the local civic association had sold the parcel to the developer subject to a mortgage – a typical Philly move.  Thanks to a number of concerned neighbors who appealed the decision and my good friends the Fishtown Lawyers, the bank buildings remain. The banks were and continue to be a link to Kensington’s vibrant industrial past and a symbol of potential for the neighborhood going forward.  I am proud to have represented the local civic associations, East Kensington Neighbors Association and Fishtown Neighbors Association as well as another individual stakeholder, as amicus counsel in this matter.  Just part of giving back to a great neighborhood and proving that on occasion the system does actually work.

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