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I sometimes blog about my adventures in law and in life.

Prince Music Theater on the ropes?

This article calls attention to the fact that the Prince Music Theater’s days may be numbered. Back in October 2010, I represented the Prince in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. As the months (and years) wore on, we fought against every one of TD Bank’s efforts to foreclose on the building and shut down the…

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SlepnerLaw wins in Landlord-Tenant Court!

Recently I had the pleasure of representing landlord clients in a standard eviction in the Philadelphia Municipal Court. Back in November, my clients had a default judgment entered in their favor because neither the tenant nor his attorney showed up for court. We promptly went about executing on the judgment. In mid-May – six (6!) months…

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SlepnerLaw 2.0 is here!

Welcome to my new website! Have a look around! Enjoy! Yes, people of the internet, I’m back with a better than ever, brand new website, designed by the good people at Pinnacle Performance Partners. It’s been a long time in the making. So what have I been up to during my web silence? Quite a…

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Big win for the little guy

What happens when a tenant fights back? My client had signed a lease and paid six (6!) months’ rent up front. Then she continued to pay rent on the first of each month thereafter. My client paid a total of 11 months’ rent before moving out. The landlords never sued her; however, they never provided…

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