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Bankruptcy Court deemed “essential”

At least the Bankruptcy Court for E.D. Pa. is.  See the order:

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About time

The FBI raided the Philadelphia Sheriff’s office yesterday.  More details here:  If you are facing a sheriff’s sale, you probably don’t have to worry about moving for a while.

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Philly Justice

Yesterday I had the honor of sitting as an arbitrator in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas arbitration center.  Back in February, I took a CLE course on the ins and outs of how to be an arbitrator.  The course reviewed rules of evidence and procedure, and showed how arbitrators can best handle situations that…

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Epic Win!

Today the Honorable Ellen Ceisler of the Court of Common Pleas found in favor of the appellants in Lewis, et al. v. Zoning Board of Adjustment, et al., stating that there was no hardship and thus no reason for the variances to be granted. The developers in question in this case had sought variances to completely demolish…

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