Election Day 2015: Philly’s Future in the Balance

May 18, 2015

The primary election is happening here in Philadelphia and across the Commmonwealth tomorrow, May 19, 2015. Pennsylvania holds closed primaries, which means a voter can only vote for candidates in the party in which he or she is registered. That said, Philadelphia has effectively been a one-party town for so long that the Democratic primary is the de facto election. Perhaps an open primary system would bring Philly into a state closer to that of a two-party system but only time will tell.

The 2015 race for mayor, City Council and dozens of judges will impact Philadelphia, potentially for decades to come. I have given this lots of thought, and have mostly kept quiet over the course of the last several months. Quite frankly, I enjoy watching the proverbial sausage being made. So without further ado, here are my endorsements for tomorrow. And I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to get out there and vote, no matter what your party affiliation.

Mayor: Jim Kenney. Because his views on things have progressed over time and experience representing the whole city as a Councilman at large for over 2 decades.

2nd District Council: Ori Feibush. Not in my district, but I’m rooting for him. Because the 2nd District race is a microcosm of old vs. new Philadelphia and not in a good way. Racial politics at its worst.

Council At Large: Allan Domb; Helen Gym. Because he’s pro-business and pro-zoning reform, trying to make Philly a better and friendlier climate for investment and development over the coming century, and because she’s a crusader for schools to keep the young, middle-class families – that will ultimately work in those Philly-based businesses – in the city as proud Philadelphians for life.

Supreme Court: Frankly, I think election of judges is a terrible system, but it’s the system in Pennsylvania. I’m all for Anne Lazarus, a great judicial mind on the Superior Court for years, a mensch, and a family friend.

Court of Common Pleas: Chris McCabe; Vince Giusini; Abbe Fletman; Chris Mallios. All recommended by the Philadelphia Bar Association, all excellent lawyers.

Municipal Court of Philadelphia: Christian DiCicco; Dan Sulman.

Sheriff: Write in CHRISTOPHER SAWYER for Sheriff. He’s running, unopposed, on the Republican ticket. Chris is a brilliant technical mind, statistician, and professional muckraker who has had enough of the corruption and cronyism that keeps Philadelphia from reaching its truest potential. Read everything he writes, you won’t be disappointed. I’m proud to call Chris a friend and will be writing him in on my Democratic ballot tomorrow morning.

There you have it. Go out and vote and enjoy our great country, then find yourself a good open bar election night party and enjoy watching the results!