Hire a Lawyer or Pay Later

August 11, 2014

Many people believe that lawyers nowadays are a luxury rather than a necessity. Some believe that they can’t afford to hire counsel or that the matter is small enough that they can handle it themselves. But to use the old cliche, don’t bite off your nose to spite your face.

A classic example of what happens when you attempt to DIY legal matters comes to us from everyone’s favorite source of sports news, Deadspin. Apparently a guy who was getting divorced asked strangers on the internet for legal advice in an attempt to save himself some legal fees. Now he’s being pursued for malicious use of civil proceedings and related claims – including his ex-wife’s counsel fees.

Point being: whatever your matter – eviction, bankruptcy, transactional, employment – any time there’s a legal question in your life, it’s worth the few minutes to pick up the phone and contact an attorney.