December 4, 2012

Back in the day (2001-05) I was a blogger.  Not a blawgger, as that time period coincided with my law school years, so maybe a law-student-blogger, I don’t know.  Anyway, it was a while back, before Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all this synergy we’ve got going on now.  It was difficult to manage connections because you didn’t always know who was using what platform.  Not to mention that even through the mid-2000s, a cell phone was still mostly used to make calls.

Now, it’s a bit easier.  This very blogging platform, WordPress, allows (almost) seamless cross-posting with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a number of other social media platforms.  I can blog from my phone, tablet, by email, by text, (probably) by voice (need to look into that one, I could see potential for danger there after a night of partying), soon enough there will be a social media optical implant.

I’m not saying much that’s original here, just a musing on the start of this new blogging venture and adventure (or maybe I’m just old).  In any case, my purpose here on this series of tubes is to invite everyone in for a conversation: conversations on law, career, Fishtown, Philly, blogging, food, sports, pop culture, humor … an amalgam of topics.  So I’m going to throw it back to you, the audience (like I used to do in my talk radio gig in undergrad, yet another thing that made me much more interesting back in the day) and ask what you would like to discuss on this here blog.  (That said, it’s my blog.  I’m not offering legal advice; don’t post racist or other trolling crap; treat everyone as you would like to be treated; and be gracious to your host.)

Hit me up in the comments!